SDF announced the results for “Science and Education Integration” grant competition

June 08 2018

 List of the winning projects

Many scientists and experts from Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, higher education institutions, scientific research institutes, ministries, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations and other science-related organizations, as well as individual scientists participate at the grant projects transparently organized by the Science Development Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter abbreviated as SDF).  

Academic and educational institutions are actively involved in grant competitions of the SDF. Statistical analysis of the results of 32 different competitions held by the SDF in 2010-2018 shows that heads of 354 out of 565 winning grant projects are representing academic institutions, and heads of 21 of the 155 winning grant projects represent educational institutions (18 universities, 2 educational academies and 1 lyceum). The results of the "University Grant" held by the Science Development Foundation in previous years were also quite effective.

The Science Development Foundation announced its decision to launch the first "Science-Education Integration" grant competition on December 28, 2016 on the website and in the media. Grant projects were being submitted to the competition from January 5 to February 28, 2017. During this time, the Executive Directorate of the SDF organized 8 consultative seminars to help grant applicants, responding to phone and e-mail inquiries, and clarifying the emerging questions.

"Science-Education Integration" grant competition promotes, supports and funds the scientific activity of academic research institutions, institutes and laboratories, divisions and centers and other suitable structures via using modern scientific equipment and facilities(up to 100,000 AZN per project) . The main purpose of grant funding for such projects is to support scientific research (especially multidisciplinary research) in different fields of science, and to create additional conditions for obtaining scientific results that can compete in a short time.

During the above-mentioned period, 138 projects were submitted. The projects were traditionally presented in the competition, as well as through the e-Grant Electronic Governance System, an innovative technology created by the Science Development Foundation.

The technical expertise of the projects was organized, 4 of the submitted proposals did not pass the technical expertise stage and 133 projects were submitted for scientific expertise.

Within the framework of "Science-Education Integration" grant competition, 69 fundamental-applied and 2 special winning projects have been identified (the list is attached) and approved by the relevant decision of the Science Development Foundation. Success rate (according to the number of projects involved and winning) was quite high - 51.45%. Number of the winning projects was 21 in Physics and Mathematics, 11 in Chemistry, 9 on Earth Sciences, 11 in Biology, 11 in Medicine and Agrarian Science and 17 in Humanities and Social Sciences. The volume of project financing ranges from 25-95 thousand AZN.

The total amount of financing for the current competition was 4.090.000  AZN.

Press service of the Science Development Foundation

 List of the winning projects