Geomagnetic storm expected

February 04 2019


Currently, no sunspot is observed on the visible disc of the Sun, and it is not able to generate solar flares. 
A medium sized coronal hole has been formed on the Solar surface. High-speed Solar wind (plasma with particles) takes its start from the coronal hole to the interplanetary space, including the Earth. The aftereffects of solar plasma wind are expected to reach the Earth on February 7-8th. As a result of that wind, and a weak geomagnetic storm is expected. This kind of storm has last been seen in February. 


2019-02-04_novbeti_geomaqnit_qasirgasi_gozlenilir_kicik-1    2019-02-04_novbeti_geomaqnit_qasirgasi_gozlenilir_kicik-2     2019-02-04_novbeti_geomaqnit_qasirgasi_gozlenilir_kicik-3


If the Z component of the interplanetary magnetic field will be directed to the south, the geomagnetic activity to be observed on 7-8 February might be even stronger. The main KP index, which characterizes geomagnetic activity, ranges from 1 to 3. It is likely that this number will rise on February 7-9. 
The atmospheric pressure is currently higher than the normal level.