There was held an event on 25th anniversary of occupation of Shusha in Science Development Foundation

May 08 2017

Employee of the foundation, refugee from Fuzuli district Farid Khudiyev spoke about Armenian vandalism, material and moral damages.

The armed forces of Armenia occupied an ancient Azerbaijani city Shusha on May 8, 1992. As result of occupation, Shusha city and 30 villages of Shusha region were destroyed, 195 innocent civilians were killed, 165 were wounded and 58 persons still remain missing. More than 24.000 inhabitants of Shusha were subjected to ethnic cleansing. Along with being an inalienable part of the internationally recognized territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, Shusha city, which is under occupation for 25 years, has high historical, cultural, moral and symbolic meaning for the people of Azerbaijan. Occupation of Shusha city, which is called “Cradle of Azerbaijani music”, “Conservatory of the Orient” inflicted heavy damage to the cultural, spiritual and moral heritage of Azerbaijani people.